„Blow! 2 - Aktuelle Positionen der Performance Art“
mit Jason Lim (Singapur)

Wir freuen uns ganz besonders, dass Jason Lim, der Singapur in diesem Jahr auf der 52. Biennale in Venedig mit der Arbeit „Just Dharma“ vertritt, für vier verschiedene Veranstaltungen nach Deutschland kommt. Mitglieder vom Ideenstiftungsverein, dem E.P.I.-Zentrum (Europäisches Performance Institut) und der Universität Hildesheim konnten Lim für einen Workshop für Studenten des Lehramts Kunst, einen Vortrag in der Universität Hildesheim und jeweils eine Performance in Köln und in Ilsede gewinnen. Wir würden uns sehr freuen, wenn Sie Zeit finden würden, Jason Lim bei einer seiner Aktivitäten in Deutschland zu treffen.


19.06.07 14.15 – 17 Uhr, Universität Hildesheim, Bildhaueratelier
Workshop Jason Lim im Rahmen des Seminars „Ich suche nicht, ich finde – Praktische Strategien zur Materialverwendung in der Kunst“ (Lehrbeauftragte Stefanie Pape).

19.06.07, 18.00 – 19.00 Uhr, Universität Hildesheim,
Raum G 207
Vortrag Jason Lim

21.06.07, 20 Uhr, artclub, Melchiorstr.14, Köln
Performance Jason Lim

23.06.07, 20 Uhr, Umformerstation, Ilseder Hütte, Groß Ilsede
Performance Jason Lim

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von:
Tappo Raso, Universität Hildesheim, E.P.I. Zentrum, Planungsverband Ilsede

Ideenstiftungs e.Verein c/o Helge Meyer

Porträt Jason Lim, von Louise Stern (englisch)
When a word is repeated, it loses its meaning and becomes merely a sound. Every day we repeat our motions, walking to and from the loo, staring off transfixed into space after feeding the cat, serving a cup of tea. The tracks of our motions would become congealed if we left a gleaming slimy snail trail after us. The tracks would build up til they became neat rows of rounded and lumpy forms, like Jason Lim’s ceramics.

As a performance artist and ceramicist, Lim jumps back and forth. Sometimes he chooses to embody the repetition, and sometimes he makes the forms himself.

The forms of Lim’s ceramics are everything that is yet to come, that already is, that will never be, that is in Singapore and not there and that is in his body when he performs. They are all the same in their difference, all showing the meaning that comes and goes and the ridiculous task of trying to find it and pin it down. The ceramics move and at the same time are still. The repetition allows for that, the rows of lines or warts giving the viewer the choice of staying on one of the spheres, climbing into it, or moving on to the next.

The maker of the ceramics shows himself in the same light as one of these clay warts in his performance and video work. A recent Singapore Lab 2005 video loop shows the turning on and off of a faucet. In the same year, a performance at Tokyo’s Out Lounge Gallery sees Lim dismantling a broom made out of reeds bunched together. From a neat group they become neat symmetrical lines on the floor next to Lim. Always he surrounds himself and his work with things happening again and again, either motions or objects or lines.

Especially in his performances, gestures that were enough to satisfy Lim at first become unsubstantial and force him to take them further. In a 2003 performance at the Future of Imagination festival in Singapore, he starts by shaving every hair off his body. They fall to the ground as the broom reeds did. They become less than they seemed at first, and Lim ends by pushing the point of the razor deeper into his skin, before a member of the audience recruited by Lim has to step in and stop him.

Currently Lim is preparing an installation for the Singapore Pavillon at the 52nd Venice Biennale in 2007. Other future projects include curating a group exhibition of young ceramists at the Substation, Singapore (March 2007), performance presentations in Chile and Uruguay (April 2007) and a residency work period at Araluen Art Center, Alice Spring, Australia (September 2007).

Jason Lim was born in Singapore in 1966. He holds a Bachelor of Art (Hons) Dergree from Central St Martins College of Art & Design, U.K. and a Master of Fine Art from Royal Melbourne Institute Technology University, Australia. He makes ceramics sculptures, installation art, videos and performance art. Lim has had several solo exhibitions nationally and internationally, including Australia and Japan. Lim has been invited to present performance art in many international performance festivals in Thailand, Japan, Germany, England, Poland, Vietnam and Greenland. He had been invited to take up residency work period in Japan, The Netherlands, Australia and The U.S.A. This year, he was awarded the Freeman Fellowship for his residency work period at the Vermont Studio Center in Vermont, U.S.A.
Lim has organized and created various platforms for alternative art practitioners to meet and collaborate. Lim was co-Artistic Director of Future of Imagination 2, an international performance art meeting held in Singapore in 2004. In 2005, he organized StopOver – Singapore/Japan performance art meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and FrontRoom Gallery, Singapore.

Future projects include performance presentation “Ensemble of Man”, Chile and Uruguay and residency work period at Araluen Art Center, Alice Spring Australia. Jason Lim will also represent Singapore in the 52nd Venice Biennale in 2007.

Anfahrtsskizze Hildesheim / Ilseder
Anfahrtsskizze Ilseder Hütte

Bei weiteren Fragen zu der Veranstaltung wenden Sie sich bitte an:
Helge Meyer, info@performance-art-research.de


Untitled (in collaboration with Lee Wen)